Things to do

For the active ones

• Sailing
• Kayak
• Stand up paddle
• Horseback Riding
• Rafting
• Paragliding

• Diving
• Trekking
• Climbing
• Rappel
• Canopy tours

• Mountain bike
• Quadricycle
• 4×4 Cross
• Sport fishing
• Bird Watching 

For the family

The Region offers a variety of options:

  • Thematic forest: “Belenus, The Dragon’s Domain” exhibition of original sculptures, including fairies, elves, native fauna and mythological characters. Located in a part of the forest in recovery in the Mallín Ahogado area, Azul River coast.
  • Patagonia Labyrinth: Exploring the labyrinth is a fun and interesting experience to enjoy with family and friends. It is the largest labyrinth in South America, located in the town of El Hoyo.
  • Patagonia Canopy Tour: A few meters from the Mallín Ahogado Waterfall, it is possible to explore the Andean forest from a whole new perspective. Share the fun and adventure!
  • Patagonian Stone Museum: located in the Mallín Ahogado Circuit, this geological museum exhibits a great variety of rare and unique stones and rocks from all areas of the Patagonian region.
Magical y Natural

Theater, music, street bands (“murgas”), photography, painting, dance and a myriad of other artistic expressions are part of the cultural agenda in El Bolsón.

Homemade jam and craft beer, produced from the fine fruit and hop harvested in the area, make an imprint upon the gastronomic development of this place.

In addition, El Bolsón offers varied spaces dedicated to health and wellness, holistic and alternative therapies, which complete an integral tourism proposal for those who seek to enjoy, rest and have fun in a healthy and natural environment.

Tourist attractions

Piltriquitrón and Bosque Tallado

The first 13 kms to the platform can be accessed by car, trekking, quadricycle or horseback riding. From there, you can enjoy the amazing view of El Bolsón Valley, Lago Puelo and El Hoyo. The platform is also the launching pad used by paragliders.

The ascent to the Bosque Tallado refuge and summit, can only be done on foot. At 1400 meters above sea level is the Bosque Tallado, a monumental showcase of elaborated sculptures and intriguing art works carved into dead trees by prominent local and national sculptors, that gave new life to a lenga beech forest devastated by fire years ago. This forest is considered unique in the world because of its characteristics.

The refuge, at 1450 meters above sea level, offers one of the most breathtaking views of the whole valley and the mountain range. From there you can reach the summit, the 360-degree view is outstanding, and the accomplishment is exhilarating.

Fair of regional and homemade products

Pagano Square, in the heart of El Bolsón, hosts several days a week a great number of skilled craftsmen and producers of the region. There you can find, admire and buy a variety of works made of wool, leather, dried flowers, stones and metals. Also homemade jam, soaps and candles.

While enjoying the varied expressions of artistic value you can tour the fair and taste the delicacies of the area such as craft beer, and regional fruit and food.

Mount Perito Moreno

Ideal for the entire family, Mount Perito Moreno, located 25 kms from El Bolsón, is one of the last winter tourist attactions offered by the Patagonia. You can practice downhill and cross-country ski, snowboarding, snowshoeing circuits, snowmobiling, sledding, and trekking. You can find coffee-shops and restaurants or you can take a walk to the plateau to admire the panoramic view of the whole region.

Cajón del Azul

You can access this magnificent place by walking through winding paths amidst native tree forests. The view of the Blue River that dazzles with its turquoise and green colors, is impressive. Then the river starts to encase in stretches, until you reach a narrow canyon only 1m wide and 32m deep; this visit will exceed all your expectations. The refuge is just 550 meters above sea level, accessed by hiking or horseback riding.

Río Azul circuit

The Natural Reserve of the “Escondida Waterfall” is located within the rural area of Mallín Ahogado, just a short walk will take you to the bottom of the canyon where the beautiful waterfall is hidden. This circuit also offers a vantage point featuring the course of the Blue River until its mouth in Lago Puelo. The Cabeza de Indio Reserve is part of this circuit, you can climb this 20-meter rocky formation resembling the head of a native Indian.

Lago Puelo National Park

At 11 km from El Bolsón, Lago Puelo National Park -Chubut- is located in an intermediate zone between the Patagonian Andean forest and the eco-region of the Valdivian rain forest. There you can take different trekking routes: Bosque de las Sombras, Mirador del Lago up the Currumahuida hill, Pitranto Grande Trail and Los Hitos, dividing point between Argentina and Chile. From the Park’s port you can take any of the guided boat tours in the lake’s crystalline waters.

La Trochita

The worldwide famous Old Patagonian Express is a precious relic also known as “La Trochita”. The train with a gauge of only 75 cm wide currently runs through the Patagonian steppe from El Maitén, where the headquarters and main workshops are located.

Los Alerces National Park

From the town of Cholilla, 76 km south of El Bolsón, you can travel to Los Alerces National Park in the province of Chubut. This park includes Lake Futalaufquen, Lake Verde, Lake Krüger, Lake Rivadavia, Lake Menéndez and Arrayanes River. Because of its astonishing landscapes it is considered one of the most beautiful National Parks in Argentina. This complex lake system, formed by numerous rivers and streams, offers incredible bodies of water surrounded by Andean forest.